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AMERICA THE BULLY PITS accepts the following payment options.
Western Union / Money Gram, Money Order, PayPal or Certified Bank Check. 



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will make every effort to provide top quality Pitbull Puppies that are healthy, happy and balanced which is raised in our home in a family friendly environment our clients are making.


Deposits are not refundable
unless a puppy while still lost in our care, or if the nest is not begotten. In these cases, the buyer can take, if available, transfer to a puppy from another litter, the options of choosing another puppy from the same litter transfer of the deposit on a stud farm in anticipation of the situation. If the buyer believes change or not to pay the balance on time, will be forfeited the deposit.


The total purchase price must be received by AMERICA THE BULLY PITS by the time the puppy reaches  7 weeks  of age  , unless other arrangements have been agreed.


We here at THE AMERICA BULLY PITS feel the buyer must fully understand that the blue coat coloring in most breeds is associated with skin problems.
Blue coated dogs of all breeds are more susceptible to bacterial, viral, staph and fungal infections, as well as various forms of dermatitis, allergies, demodex and color mutant alopecia. Although some of these disorders are inherited many of them are simply the result of the blue coat coloring. Therefore, we can not guarantee against any skin or coat problems that are common to dogs with the blue coat coloring. Most of these problems are easily treated by a veterinarian and we believe can be helped with a healthy diet and supplements to strengthen the immune system. Dog
Not all blue coated dogs will be affected, but you should be prepared to have your to be treated, if necessary. dog We will not take the place of a dog or make refund on a dog purchased from us that the skin or coat problems as described above.



PUPPY veterinarian is checked and found to be the genetic defects and in good health free. PUPPY WILL current on all shots and dewormed at the time of the sale. Buyer agrees to THEIR LICENSORS MAKE FAT HEALTH PUPPY WITHIN 48 HOURS TO THE YOUNG THE STATE OF HEALTH CHECK. If it is determined DE puppy has a life threatening disease, the cause of which is directly attributable to AMERICA THE BULLY PITS buyer can the puppy on his / her OWN COSTS return and will receive a full refund INTO ACCOUNT. AMERICA THE BULLY PITS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY vet costs. a full written DIAGNOSIS OF BUYER veterinarian HE HAS AMERICA BULLY PITS ON THE RETURN OF THE PUPPY. AMERICA THE BULLY PITS THE RIGHT TO A SECOND DIAGNOSIS OF A veterinarian of our choice.

are the sole responsibility of the buyer. SHIPPING AND CRATE charges must be paid before the pups are SHIPPED

Buyer will receive ABKC registration certificate for their puppy.
  here at THE AMERICANBULLY PITS WE will do our best to ship your registration AS SOON AS POSSIBLE




I have read the above AGREE


Signature of the buyer: ____________________________


Date: ______________           


Breeder's Signature: __________________________


Date: ______________

The undersigned buyer and seller are hereby accept this agreement and agree to all terms and conditions of the contract / agreement, as appears from under their signatures.

SOLD PUPPY INFORMATION: (Check or complete as applicable)




Puppy: Male Female


Date of Birth: Day: Month: Year:


Colour and drawing:



Dam :


Registration Number dam:


Color and drawing dam:





Registration father:


Color and drawing father







It is clear that this agreement is to protect. Integrity of the bloodlines of the Seller and breeding standards





  1. Seller certifies that this puppy is of purebred quality. Fokker application for registration made nest, and individual dog papers will be issued to the buyer upon receipt.





  1. Due to our strict breeding program, your puppy is bred for quality, health, soundness and intelligence. Upon transfer, Seller guarantees said puppy to current on vaccinations and free from the following: distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, PAVOVIRUS, leptospira, corona virus, as well as all LIFE-THREATENING genetic defects.


  1. Seller certifies that the puppy is said, to the best of his / her knowledge, healthy at the time of sale. General health information will be provided verbally by the vendor, which includes information on nutrition, shots, worming, swimming, and any other treatments said puppy at the time of sale.


  1. The buyer is encouraged to state puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of purchase, at the expense of the buyer.


  1. For a period of one year, if this puppy is diagnosed with a genetic disorder including genetic hip dysplasia, which is confirmed by two UN context veterinarians, leading buyer and seller once said that the puppy can not ethically be bred, Seller shall, upon provision of veterinary reports and a spay / neuter certificate, provide a replacement breed quality puppy. Purchaser must pay. Any shipping or various costs associated with the transportation of the replacement pup Seller is not responsible for the development of non-genetically derived faults, diseases or conditions that are held. Due to the negligence of the buyer and / or mistreatment No cash refunds will be given.





  1. However, if a puppy is purchased with known / obvious abnormalities, cosmetic defects and / or genetic disorders Seller is not liable for any medical costs associated with the treatment, conditioning or therapy of this puppy. The buyer is liable for all these expenses and waives all rights to a replacement puppy. A separate agreement must be signed if this exclusion.


AMERICA THE BULLY PITS reserves the right to call the pups ON registration. Buyer may pup GIVE THE CALL NAME





  1. Buyer agrees to provide this dog emotional and physical care, including annual physical examinations and immunizations recommended by a licensed veterinarian, nutritious food, etc..


  1. Seller advises the Buyer attend obedience classes with Puppy and provide proper socialization opportunities for puppy. Seller is not responsible for the actions of a puppy that is due to be made. To buyer's negligence


  1. Seller recommends neutering (males) and sterilization (women) at the age of six months, unless the dog should be bred or intended for breeding. Altered dogs usually live a healthier life and generally have fewer behavioral problems.


  1. DEPOSITS ON THIS breeding are € 1000, - deposit and final payment are non-refundable but they are transferable to an OF OUR OTHER coverages


  1. Buyer agrees to inform you if the buyer intends to sell to a third party or to transfer ownership with the seller. First option to resume full responsibility should be given to the seller at a price and / or terms mutually agreed by both parties. This would take into account the costs incurred by the breeder in caring for the dog and find a new home. The dog will be returned with the registration papers and any medical records. The seller has ten (10) days to this right of first offer to accept or reject it. It is further understood that all sales are final. In no case the dog is placed. In a pet store, animal shelter or similar device In no event will the dog be used in dog fighting or similar activities.


  1. If Buyer is unable or unwilling to any of the above provisions with or if this dog is seized by a local authority to have been neglected or abandoned, the seller reserves the right to make this dog back win without compensation. The Buyer agrees to pay all costs, including court costs and reasonable attorneys' fees, in enforcing the terms and conditions of this Agreement, all deposits and / or sales are final. Seller Deposits are non-refundable but transferable. Failure to comply will result in an unspecified punitive damages from the buyer to the seller. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands and may not be amended, modified or revoked, unless agreed to the Seller in writing. Purchaser Should Buyer breech this agreement, the seller has the right to participate. Puppies back




The undersigned purchaser hereby acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions of the contract and agree to abide by all of the terms displayed on this day:


Have read the above AGREE

Signature of the buyer: ____________________________


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